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    Summer Family Camp

    Camp A
    June 30-July 5

    Camp B
    Aug. 4-9

    Filled with family recreation, relaxation, and relationship building. We offer age specific programming to facilitate some meaningful adult time for parents while still putting emphasis on FAMILY TIME with plenty of family events, activities, and campfires. Find out why families call this one of their favorite weeks of the year!

    Arrive: Sunday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm
    Head Out: Friday at 2:00pm

    Family Camp Prices

    Primary Adult $488 + GST
    Additional Adult $488 + GST
    Youth (Ages 13-17) $362 + GST
    Child (Ages 6-12) $278 + GST
    Pre-School (Ages 3-5) $55 + GST
     Infant (Age 0-2)  $0
    Family - RV/Trailer/Tent

    (see details below)

    $930 + GST
    Maximum Base Rate Per Family $1,620 + GST

    The maximum base rate for a family (immediate family members - two adults and their dependent children) is $1,620+GST. 

    All meals are included. Program Option fees (Crafts, Laser tag, White Water Rafting, etc.) are in addition to the base rate. More details will follow your confirmation. 

    Check Accommodation Availability

    Lodging Options

    On-site Lodging

    Creek Side Lodge: - FULL

    • One household per room
    • Up to 9 people per room
      • One Double
      • 7 Single Bed (4 are top bunks)
    • Dormitory-style washrooms & showers
    • Families will need to bring bedding and towels

    Aspen Ridge Lodge:  - FULL

    • One household per room
    • Up to 5 people per room
      • One Queen Bed
      • Three Single Beds (two are top bunks)
    • Private Washroom with Shower
    • Families will need to bring bedding and towels


    Camping - RV/Trailer/Tent


    Family - RV Package:  $930+GST per family of up to 4 people with a $55+GST fee per additional immediate family member added.  

    Couple - RV Package:  $578+GST per family of up to 2 people.


    We wanted to remind our RVers that we DO NOT have full services available at our RV sites. Please do not count on having power, water or sewer hook-ups. RVer's are welcome to use our shower facilities and washrooms to help cut down on their grey water usage at your RV. If you require a sewer dump while you are with us there is a Dump location 0.5 km East of the Town of Caroline (6km from us) at Caroline Municipal RV Park.


    Drop-In Activities

    Check out our onsite drop-in Activities! 
    Wiffle Golf, Zipline, Giant Swing, Archery, Frisbee Golf, Swimming, Gym Time, Ax Throwing and More!
    Available throughout the week!

    Sign-Up Activities

    For Summer 2024, we will be providing the opportunity to register your family for program activities prior to your arrival. Pre-registration for activity options will open in the spring; rather than as a part of your initial registration.

    As summer approaches, you will receive an email containing all the necessary information to pre-register your family for the exciting activities of your choice. Please note that activity spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to registration/sign-up order. Any remaining spaces will be available for sign-up on the Sunday evening of your first day at camp, should you decide not to pre-register.

    Archery Tag

    Recommended: Age 7-Adult
    Play a variety of organized games and challenges with bows and foam-tipped arrows. 

    Canoe Outtrip

    Recommended: Age 4 - Adult
    Spend an afternoon on the water!
    Capacity: Each canoe can hold 2 paddlers and 2 small passengers sitting in the bottom middle of the canoe.


    Recommended: Age 4 - Adult
    Varies by Craft Item Completed.
    Ceramics, tie dye, beading, wood chip painting, button making, and more! Craft cost(s) depend on the craft completed/purchased at the Craft Shack.

    Laser Tag

    Recommended: Gr. 1 - Adult
    Cost: $21.00/Person
    Laser Tag is an activity that involves the use of hand-held infrared-emitting targeting devices to tag opposing players via light. Our laser tag program is designed for all levels of experience and our outdoor course and instructors will provide the perfect surrounding for an all-out laser tag experience.

    Horsemanship (Family Camp B Only)

    Age Restriction: Age 8 - Adult
    A trail ride is offered for families wishing to spend time with horses and see the camp property. 

    Pony Rides (Family Camp B Only)

    Age Restriction: Age 4 - 12
    : $15.75/Person
    Each rider is given a short ride. Horses are led by our experienced Horsemanship Staff. 

    Onsite Hike

    Recommended: K - Adult
    A light exploratory hike around our beautiful Camp property, designed to be kid friendly.

    White Water Rafting

    Age Restrictions: Age 9 - Adult
    Whitewater Rafting on the Red Deer River about an hour and a half southwest of Camp Caroline. Our trip guide, Mukwah Tours,  has always taken our campers on amazing adventures while upholding the best standards in safety.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I bring?

    Belongings should be marked with the Family's Name

    • Clothes for all types of weather
      • Pants, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.
      • 1-2 sets of grubby clothes for outdoor games
      • Socks and underwear for each day of camp (plus extra)
      • Pyjamas/sleepwear
      • Warm sweater/fleece top
      • At least 2 pairs of pants
    • Jacket (light to medium warmth)
    • Rain gear
    • Outdoor footwear: 1 pair of thick-soled running shoes,
    • Outdoor footwear (optional): 1 extra pair of shoes (to wear if others get wet), 1 pair of rubber boots, 1 pair of sandals
    • Indoor footwear: gym shoes with non-marking soles (required)
    • Indoor footwear (optional): slippers, sandals, etc. to be kept for indoor use only (bare feet are not allowed in the dining hall)
    • Swimwear (swim diapers for infants/toddlers)
    • Bedding/sleeping bag
    • Pillow
    • Towel and personal toiletries
    • Bible, notebook, pencil/pen
    • Bug repellent
    • Sunscreen
    • Water bottle
    • Flashlight (optional)
    • Bag for dirty clothes (optional)
    • Camera (optional)
    Additional "What to Bring" list, specific to Camp Option:  Click Here
    Download General List: Click Here

    What SHOULDN'T I bring?

    • Peanuts, tree nuts, or products containing nuts – we are a NUT AWARE facility
    • Alcohol or Recreational Drugs
    • Clothing with content or images that include profanity, sexual references, or derogatory comments
    • We recommend families leave any unnecessary electronic devices at home. Camp Caroline is not responsible for lost or damaged MP3 Players/iPods, iPads/Tablets, AirPods/earbuds, game consoles, etc.

    How do I pay?

    Credit Card: Registration fees can be paid by Visa, MasterCard or American Express in full at the time of online registration or with a Payment Plan. A payment of at least $50 per person is required within two weeks of online registration in order to hold the camper's spot in his/her camp program. The balance of the fees is due no later than June 1st.

    Cheque: If you wish to pay by cheque or money order, a cheque for the full fee amount must be received within two weeks of online registration. Post-dated cheques are accepted; however, they may be dated no later than June 1st, and at least $50 per person must be cashable within two weeks of the initial online registration. Please make cheques or money orders payable to Camp Caroline.

    E-transfer: If you wish to pay by e-transfer, an email for at least the deposit amount, $50/person, must be received within two weeks of online registration. The balance of the fees is due no later than June 1st.

    • Email: office@campcaroline.ab.ca
    • Please include the parent/guardian's full name and the camper(s) full name. Thanks!

    Can I cancel and what will happen if I do?


    • Cancellations prior to June 15th will forfeit the $50/person non-refundable deposit processed at the time of registration.
    • Cancellations between June 15th and Sunday two weeks prior to the first day of the camper's week will forfeit 50% of the base fee per person.
    • Cancellations later than two weeks prior to the first day of the camper's week will forfeit 100% of the base fee per camper except in the case of illness* or family emergency. Full refunds will be given for program options and t-shirts.

    *Contagious Illness Protocol:

    In an effort to keep our campers and staff happy and healthy, Camp Caroline has a contagious illness protocol. The communal living environment of summer camp brings an increased risk for the spread of contagious illnesses (e.g. influenza, chicken pox, pink eye, COVID-19, etc.). Staff and campers who have experienced symptoms of contagious illness in the days prior to the start of camp are asked to remain at home until they are no longer contagious.  Campers who reveal symptoms of contagious illness upon arrival at camp or who develop these symptoms while at camp will be isolated from other campers and staff, and asked to return home. Camp fees or a pro-rated portion thereof will be refunded in the case of cancellation or early departure due to illness.

    Is there a scholarship fund for those who can’t afford a week of camp?

    Scholarship Applications for Summer 2024 are now closed. 

    We don’t want to see anyone miss out on the opportunity to experience a week at camp!  If you or your child would not be able to attend summer camp without financial assistance, you are welcome to apply to the Camp Caroline Scholarship Fund, a fund into which many generous Camp Caroline supporters have donated, helping to make the camp experience available to as many as possible.  

    Because we want to be good stewards of the funds God has entrusted to us through these generous donors, we have put the following Scholarship Fund guidelines in place:

    1. The Scholarship Fund is intended only to cover a portion of the camp fees for a camper.
    2. All campers are required to pay the minimum $50/camper deposit to hold their spot.
    3. Additional camp option costs (outtrips, camp store, t-shirts, etc.) are not covered by the Scholarship Fund.
    4. Campers who have received a scholarship may only attend one camp session per year.
    5. While we would love to provide continual scholarship funding for a camper year after year, priority will be given to first time applicants.  Returning campers are welcome to apply, but financial assistance is not guaranteed.
    6. All personal information gathered through the Camp Caroline Scholarship Fund Application will be governed by Camp Caroline’s Protection of Privacy Policy.  Scholarship Fund applicants can view this policy on our website, www.campcaroline.ab.ca/privacy-policy/.

    For more information on how to apply, see the "Scholarship Fund" page of the “Family Profile Form” during online registration. All requests will be carefully considered.

    Need further help in paying for camp?

    Here are our best hints to help pay for camp:

    1. Your Camper(s): Have your child(ren) think of some creative ideas to earn money for camp. Set a specific, realistic goal, perhaps $50 or $100. Ideas could include having a garage sale, and making and selling homemade jewelry and/or crafts. Let your child(ren) get creative! Send us your success stories of ways your family has earned money for camp!
    2. Extended Family: Probably one of our best tips. For birthdays and/or holidays, ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. to give money for your child to put in their camp fund.  Coming up with new gift ideas can sometimes be tough, so ask for the gift of camp! (It may also be helpful to have your child share with them the value of camp and what it means to them.)
    3. Your Home Church: Talk to your church about possibly contributing to your camp costs.  Chances are, your church has seen the huge positive effect camp has had on other families within the church. Let them know that you are trying to come up with creative ways to pay for camp, tell them about your plan to come up with money, and see if they would like to be involved.
    4. Camp Scholarship: The Camp Caroline scholarship application is available as part of your online registration. All applications will be prayerfully considered. Please see our Scholarship Fund Policy for more information.
    5. Pray for God to provide the funds needed for your family to attend camp.

    What does a typical day look like?

    After a shared family time of worship, children are dismissed for age-appropriate activities while parents spend part of the morning digging into God’s word with our Guest speakers. Children’s activities include playing wide games, Archery Tag, and swimming – all the while being taught faith principles through Christian example and Bible teaching. The remainder of the morning lends itself well to relaxing with a little free time.

    Experience our property to the fullest with your family! We have trained staff facilitating our program areas all afternoon, so now is your chance to make the most of our 320 acres! Swim in our indoor pool, climb our high ropes courses, fly on our giant swing, play in our gym, ride our quad zip line, hike our many trails, or just play board games in our dining hall or lounge. Our afternoons also include activity options you can sign up for, including horseback riding, crafts, canoeing, hiking, archery tag, whitewater rafting (nine years and older), and laser tag.

    A key staple of our great evenings is our classic Camp Caroline-wide games. Track down staff and complete challenges in “Where’s Waldo?” or compete with other families in “Capture the Flag.”

    Following the game is a time that has quickly become many families' favorite part. An evening spent around a campfire all together as a family singing silly songs, worshipping together and diving deeper into the Bible! 

    When can we sign up for activity options?

    For Summer 2024, we will be providing the opportunity to register your family for program activities prior to your arrival. Pre-registration for activity options will open in the spring; rather than as a part of your initial registration.

    Closer to summer, you will receive an email with all the information needed to pre-register your family for whichever exciting activities you prefer. Activity sign-up will also continue to take place on the Sunday evening of your first day at camp should you decide not to pre-register.


    Use the links below to download any necessary permission forms or waivers required for your camp.

    FYI: Additional Waivers may be required for some program options. They can be completed by adults (Age 18+) or a camper's parents/legal guardian (if under 18 years of age) while in attendance at camp or in advance through the links below.

    E-sign Waiver Forms:
    Family Camp Waiver

    Horsemanship Waiver - Adult Participant

    Horsemanship Waiver - Child/Youth Participant

    White Water Rafting Waiver

    Print and Sign:
    Family Camp Waiver

    Horsemanship Waiver - Adult Participant

    Horsemanship Waiver - Child/Youth Participant

    White Water Rafting Waiver