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Summer Leadership Staff

We have decided to launch staff applications for Summer 2021 to help us best prepare for the summer. While there are still a lot of unknowns, and the possibility of an overnight camp is still up in the air, we are moving forward excited for what may come! 

We are opening applications now to give applicants time over the next few weeks to get their applications in, so that we have a large amount already in hand when we start the interviewing stage of staff hiring.  

More than any summer, the staff on the Summer 2021 Team will need to be flexible, and excited about Summer Camps in general more than any specific role or position. We will likely need to change our plans frequently throughout both spring and summer in big and small ways, so all of us will be asked to step into various roles as needed.  

We will do our best to be as upfront and communicative as possible, as we all try to discern what this summer has in store for each of us.  

We are excited and hopeful that we will be able to run summer camps and so the positions listed are based on that plan, which is naturally subject to change.  If you have any questions, please email our Director of Summer Camps at tony@campcaroline.ab.ca. 

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    Cohort Head

    This summer our Grade Camps are split into cohorts, with a Cohort Head in charge of each one. The Cohort Head works directly with the Director of Summer Camps to prepare, lead, and support their assigned cohort. This includes both counselling and activity staff, as well as campers. The Cohort Head will have a wide variety of roles and responsibilities and will need to be flexible to thrive in this position.

    Full Job Description: Click Here

    Lead Team Head

    The Lead Head is responsible to work with the Director of Summer Camps to deliver high impact summer Lead experiences that uphold the mission, vision, and values of the ministry of Camp Caroline. It is expected that the Lead Team Head will give direct leadership to the summer Lead programs of Camp Caroline, and will commit to serving Lead campers, guests, and staff with an exceptional standard of care. This position begins at the end of May and runs thru August.

    Full Job Description: Click Here

    Summer Administrator

    The Summer Administrator will serve as a part of the Summer Leadership Team and is responsible to work with the Director of Summer Camps to provide administrative support to the summer ministries of Camp Caroline, including Grade Camps, Family Camps, and Lead programs. The Summer Administrator's responsibilities include summer scheduling, social media updates, written communication, camp store management, and volunteer recruitment as needed. This position begins at the end of May and runs thru August.

    Full Job Description: Click Here

    What are the top five reasons you should consider working at Camp Caroline this summer?

    1. God's Call. Often when speaking with people serving in ministry, we hear them express that God called or nudged them into ministry. If you feel like this is you, don't only hear the call, but act on it! God has something great in store for you and the only way you will experience it is if you answer that call with a resounding "YES!".
    2. Spiritual Challenge. While working at Camp Caroline, God will teach you through many vessels (teammates, leaders, children, nature). Those lessons have the potential to change your life's trajectory in significant ways. Take the challenge and experience the growth.
    3. Training for Life and Ministry. Camp Caroline is dedicated to training godly leaders - young men and women who will have a godly influence on the world around them. We strive to prepare our staff to leave Camp Caroline ready to enter whatever God has in store for them next. We view a summer at Camp Caroline as a training ground for life long ministry. This training is challenging
      in every way; it's often intense and requires perseverance and dedication. But it's also extremely rewarding. We hope that God will be stretching your relationship with Him during your time at Camp Caroline and that you will be given tools for effective ministry to take with you wherever you go.
    4. Skill and Career Experience. What you can see, do, and learn in a summer at camp is often extremely valuable for career development. You will go home with practical and marketable skills and a wonderful experience to add to your resume.
    5. Financial Rewards. For specific duties and areas of expertise, we are happy to supply a fair wage along with room and board.