Experience Unforgettable - 2017 Camps & Retreats

    Work Weekend

    We're just like you. We're teachers, business executives, parents,retirees, students...you name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our love for Camp Caroline and the desire to help it grow and change. And the more people we have come together, the bigger the impact we can make! 

    We are Better Together!!!!


    June 8-10, 2018

    Mulch Spreading
    Planting Flowers
    Chain Sawing

    Potential Projects:


    • Hebertism course repairs
    • Chapel bridge deck rebuilt
    • Archery fence 
    • Finish tack shed
    • Kitchen laundry reno
    • LEAD outhouses
    • Nine-square outside
    • Tether ball pole
    • Playing field bridge repaired/updated


    • Flower planting

    House Keeping:

    • Clean/prep LEAD Village
    • Curtain mending/replacing all lodges
    • Window cleaning (high)


    • Paint touch ups in Aspen
    • Paint touch ups in corridors
    • Paint touch ups in Creekside
    • Paint Multi-Purpose Building


    • Road and trail signs made/installed

    Happy Hands:

    • Archery grading and mulch
    • Baseboard heaters - straighten fins, covers etc
    • Check fence line clear as needed
    • Clean out eaves trough
    • Corals - check railing and fencing
    • Creek cleaning/clearing
    • Remove old climbing wall
    • Trail repair/clearing
    • Campfire bleachers - sand/screw/repair
    • Dining Hall Deck re-screwed
    • Wood chips spread
    • Clear solitude benches and view spots
    • Create and level ice rink location
    • Frisbee golf course - inspect, clear and paint as needed
    • Paintball course improvements
    • Picnic table repairs
    • Prayer tower inspect/repair - including steps
    • Rake gravel from roadway
    • Rototill volleyball court
    • Teepee Village - clean out gear, tables, decks, poles.
    • Welcome and speed limit signs touched up
    • Mowing
    • Weed whipping

    Tentative Schedule:
    Work Weekend Schedule