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    Spring Projects

    We're just like you. We're teachers, business executives, parents,retirees, students...you name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our love for Camp Caroline and the desire to help it grow and change. And the more people we have come together, the bigger the impact we can make! 

    We are Better Together!!!!


    SPRING 2019

    We have loved hosting work weekend! Each spring it has been exciting to see everyone working together. However, it has become increasingly difficult to serve guests coming for spring retreats and prepare for the launch of summer camps while hosting work weekend in June.
    This year we have decided not to host work weekend, and to instead ask individuals and teams to sign up for dates throughout the spring to complete projects that will help us get ready for the summer ministry season.

    Mulch Spreading
    Planting Flowers
    Chain Sawing

    Teams & Volunteers:

    Volunteer teams may be made up of family and friends, men’s or women’s groups, youth groups, small groups, co-workers, etc….

    Projects will be scheduled as teams register. Some projects may only require a small team or 1 or 2 individuals. We will work with teams to select and schedule their project. Projects can be scheduled Monday through Saturday between late March and late May, unless they need to be completed later, e.g., flower planting.
    The last two years we had a few teams out earlier in the spring to complete different projects, and it has worked well. Some of these teams came out for a weekend; others during the week.

    We have a variety of projects that need done this spring. Some projects will require teams to have specialized skills but a number of the projects just need individuals willing to help.


    • Interior painting
    • Repair or replace roof
    • Replace eaves-trough 
    • Refinish floor
    • Landscaping
    • Construct bench seating
    • Gardening 
    • Replace seals and screens
    • Repair siding
    • Install fence 
    • Wood splitting
    • Clean exterior light fixtures
    • Clean exterior windows 
    • Burn pile
    • Repair ceiling

    As teams register we will confirm any needs for meals and accommodations.
    Thank you to EVERYONE who has come and volunteered in the past for Work Weekend! We appreciate your support as we pilot this new approach; and look forward to seeing many of you come out with teams this spring.
    Please note teams will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Team sizes will vary based on required skills and the people needed to do each project well. We anticipate only being able to accommodate a limited number of teams.
    If you are interested in coordinating a team,
    contact Ben Trites, Executive Director at ben@campcaroline.ab.ca.