A Typical Day at Camp Caroline...

Every morning brings together the entire camp in our dining hall, over looking the beautiful grounds. As you walk in, you can hear the buzz and smell the aroma of an amazing breakfast – your camp day has just begun.

Now that your stomach is full and energy levels are rising, it’s time to get together with your cabin, taking a bit of time to get ready for the rest of the day.

With cabins clean, teeth brushed and faces washed, it’s time to worship. Making your way Creekside, you can feel the energy building for what’s about to happen. Loud, worshipful music led by our high energy band followed by teaching that will expand your thoughts on who God is and how we can be everything He made us to be. With thoughts and questions now percolating in your mind, you get together with your cabin group and discuss amongst friends what you just heard and how it all works.

And now it’s GO time, the time where you get to burn off a bit of energy doing the camp wide game. Whatever it is, “fun” is the goal. Getting close to the end, you realize your stomach sending you a message informing you that it’s lunchtime. Back to the cafeteria you go for another delicious meal with all your friends.

Although you had a great morning burning off tons of energy, you now feel refreshed and ready to go again.  Yep, it’s time for some of your favorite activities. You may have chosen swimming or hiking or zip lining or off-site activity or…  No matter what it is, our leaders are there to help you experience it to the fullest.

With energy beginning to once again slide, you guessed it, time for some more fuel. With everyone heading back to the cafeteria, stories of friend’s adventures fill the halls and dining area. A prayer for the meal, food retrieved, consumed and cleaned up signals dinner is done.

Off you go to have a bit of cabin time in preparation for the evening’s events, which include a camp wide, epic game leading into another time of worship and teaching.

A little snack (just because) and off you go to the fireside high above the camp, overlooking the camp and God’s creation. A little more singing, laughing and recapping of the day leading to a well earned nights sleep in your comfy bed. 

You don’t want the day to be over, but know another unforgettable experience is just a sleep away.

Good night.

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