Experience Unforgettable - Camps & Retreats


Ben Trites Executive Director


Chris Zeller Director of Ministries
Tony Engeler Director of Summer Camps
Charity Trites Director of Finance
Hilde Spence Ministries Assistant / Registrar
Lindsay Zeller Bookings Assistant
Colton Kruschel Associate Director of Lead
Anton Starcheski Camp Crew
Owen Graham Camp Crew
Piper Hartley Camp Crew


Delwin Welk Site & Facilities Staff
Hayden Werezak Site & Facilities Staff
Liam Grice Site & Facilities Staff
Vern Enslen Site & Facilities Staff
Miranda Anderson Housekeeping Staff
Rhonda Hummel Housekeeping Staff
Michelle Weidman Head Cook/Food Services Staff
Heather Altelaar Food Services Staff
Rheanne Cooke Food Services Staff
Nicole Fay Food Services Staff
Tammy Groves Food Services Staff
Nicholas Kurney Food Services Staff
Diane Schultz Food Services Staff
Candace Terrio Food Services Staff
Jeannine Tschetter Food Services Staff